The art of innovation — new solutions for effective treatment
Individuality as Art — new possibilities for the needs of a particular patient
The art of healing — new approaches in the treatment of pain and inflammation
Art unites — connecting unique opportunities together
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The company specializes in the introduction of innovative medicines into practice
The company's portfolio includes products unique for Russia, which allow optimizing therapy depending on the needs of a particular patient
The basis of the portfolio is painkillers and anti-inflammatory drugs, more effective and safe
The company combines unique scientific and production resources and human potential


Company PharmArtis International
Our mission
Our values

is a Russian pharmaceutical company of a new type, specializing in the introduction of innovative medicines into practice. The company's product portfolio includes products that are unique for Russia and allow attending physicians to optimize therapy depending on the needs of a particular patient.

PharmArtis International has a unique experience of direct interaction with leading pharmaceutical manufacturers of innovative drugs.

The developed business model includes a full range of activities - from registration and supply of medicines to their comprehensive promotion and support, which makes it possible to accelerate and facilitate the introduction of innovative drugs into practice.

PharmArtis International is a Russian pharmaceutical company that uses best practices and innovations, as well as scientific, industrial, human and financial resources to expand opportunities to maintain and improve health and quality of life.

The company forms and manages a portfolio of innovative medicines.

  • High quality of life for people;
  • Maintaining and improving health;
  • High efficacy and safety of drugs;
  • GxP compliance;
  • Personnel care and development;
  • Scientific and technological innovation
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Pharm supervision

You can report all adverse reactions to the manufacturer
01 By completing the attached adverse event form
02 By sending information by e-mail
03 By calling the free round-the-clock phone 8-800-777-8-604
04 By sending a message in WhatsApp, or Viber to the number +7 (903) 799-2-186